Clitoria sp.

Category: Sun Perennials
Family: Leguminosae
Origin: Mexico
Evergreen: no
Flower Color: purple
Bloom Time: summer
Height: 6 inches
Width: 3 ft
Exposure: sun to part sun
Irrigation: low
Cold Hardiness: 7 F
Description: The generic name Clitoria was applied by Johann Philipp Breyne in 1747; and, although it was accepted by Linnaeus, there remained for some years hot disagreement as to the appropriateness, despite that many vernacular names are based on the same reference to female genitalia. Botanists settled on the common name Pigeon Wings but almost solely use the common name Butterfly Pea because Clitoria is in the pea family. This Clitoria sp. was collected in Potrero-Redondo and La Trinidad, Mexico and grows in sun and part sun locations with little supplemental water.