Ardisia crenata, coralberry

Category: Shrubs
Family: Primulaceae
Origin: Asia
Evergreen: yes
Flower Color: whitish pink
Bloom Time: summer
Height: 3 ft
Width: 2 ft
Exposure: shade
Irrigation: low to medium
Cold Hardiness: 0 F
Description: Coralberry is a controversial little plant because it can really go nuts in the wild, a radical propensity that landed it on several invasive plant lists, though we believe it to be harmless in a small suburban yard and worth the beautiful winter red berries. These berries, unfortunately, have a bad reputation for being toxic to livestock and cats, though the seeds are dispersed by raccoons and birds. If your cat does eat these berries and dies, please let us know. We keep this information in a database called "The Quirks of Cats."