Lenophyllum texanum, coastal stonecrop

Category: Succulents
Family: Crassulaceae
Origin: Texas
Evergreen: no
Flower Color: light yellow
Bloom Time: fall
Height: 8 inches
Width: 1 ft
Exposure: sun, part sun
Irrigation: low
Cold Hardiness: 5 F
Description: Lenophyllum texanum, Coastal Stonecrop, is native to a small area of south Texas near and along the coast. Like sedum, it has small fleshy leaves that almost assuredly will root after breaking and produces an inflorescence with small yellow flowers tinged with orange. Drought and sun induced stress causes the leaves to become red starting on the margins and in the extreme causes the plant to become brownish. Mostly cold hardy to 7F but herbaceous in a hard freeze. Drought tolerant. Plant in a raised bed. Great for a rock garden. Will require some water in a pot. Well-drained soil only.
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