Agave x pseudoferox 'Green Goblet'

Category: Succulents
Family: Asparagaceae
Origin: Mexico
Evergreen: yes
Flower Color:
Bloom Time: once
Height: 5 ft
Width: 6 ft
Exposure: full to part sun
Irrigation: low
Cold Hardiness: 0 F
Description: These pups are a direct line from the original plant that was collected by Yucca Do Nursery in 1992 in the Sierra Chiquita Mountains, Tamaulipas State, Mexico. Although it is very cold hardy, hardiness depends on the winter conditions. In shady wet location, it has about a 50% chance of survival at 7 F. If planted in sun in a raised well-drained bed, it will survive 5F, possibly with some leaf damage. In sun it grows quickly to about 5 ft wide by 4 ft tall with mostly green leaves and will produce ten or so offsets (pups) in a few years. In shade, the leaves take on much more blue, especially on the inside base.