The John Fairey Garden Nursery Availability List

Price and quantity subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm availability.
Cat Size Price Binomial Name Common Name Family Description Files
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Pokey Ghost'Asparagaceae'Pokey Ghost' was collected by Yucca Do Nursery in Mexico. It grows slowly to a medium size. Leaves are powdery blue with ghostly bud prints and prominent reddish teeth.
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Agave bracteosaSquid AgaveAsparagaceaeThe squid agave won't squirt ink in your face. And it also won't injure you with spines and teeth because, unlike most agaves, it has neither. It matures to about the size of a beach ball and grows in clumps. It can handle part shade to full sun and is xeric. It's cold hardy to about 10 F. Obviously it's one of the most versatile easy to grow agaves. Eventually, one member of the clump will flower on a four foot inflorescence. It looks like a giant yellow and white pipe cleaner. After some time, that member will die, yet others will go on to flower.
Cacti & Succ3 gal$75Agave desmettianasoft leaf yuccaAsparagaceaeA rather elegant medium size agave with leaves that are greenish blue and slightly vase-like in sun but more glaucous and lily-like in part shade. It is hardy to the low teens.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'AsparagaceaeAfternoon shade really brings out the marvelous greens in this low growing clumper. Chartreuse along the spines, lime green down the center, with variations between, this very cold hardy agave from far south Texas into Mexico fits perfectly into a dry garden.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$30Agave lophanthaAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$40Agave oteroiAsparagaceaeThese gnarly toothed agaves were rescued from a home in Houston scheduled for redevelopment, along with many aloes and euphorbias. At one time this was called Agave titanota but has now been renamed Agave oterei. They're perfect for pots because they'll need to over-winter indoors.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$15Agave ovatifoliawhale's tongueAsparagaceaeRaised with care from bulbils and seed, these Whales Tongue agave are one of the cold hardiest and drought tolerant of the Mexican agaves, the progeny of a decades old line first collected by Lynn Lowrey. Expect a pale blue green adult to be about 5 ft wide by 3 ft tall.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Agave salmiana var. ferox 'Green Goblet'Asparagaceae'Green Goblet' is a prolific clumper and a fast grower. It is heavily toothed and long spined -- xeric and very cold hardy -- shade or full sun. It grows to about 3 ft tall by 5 ft wide. The original plant was collected in 1992 in the Sierra Chiquita, Tamaulipas, Mexico. It has spawned hundreds of pups that were sold or planted around the garden.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$75Agave sp.AsparagaceaeThis medium size agave held watch for many years over the path down from the parking lot, then it bloomed and died but did not set seed. However, it left behind lots of pups which were potted. The leaves are rough, like A. scabra but small, narrow and darker green. Its taxa is not known.
Cacti & Succ3 gal$75Agave sp. 'Mr. Ripple'AsparagaceaeDiscovered by Yucca Do Nursery in 2001 when Carl and Wade were driving through Ciudad de Maize, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Wade screamed "Stop the car!" And Carl slammed on the breaks. There Mr. Ripple began its life in horticulture. At maturity, it's a 8 ft. wide by 5 ft. tall imposing plant with undulating heavily armed leaves. It's cold hardy to 10 F but will suffer leaf damage in wet climates below 15-20 F.
Cacti & Succ3 gal$75Agave sp. 'Baccarat'AsparagaceaeDiscovered by Wade Roitsch in 1998 in La Encantada, southwestern Nuevo Leon, Mexico at about 9000 ft. elevation. It was originally thought to be a cultivar of A. montana but has been determined to be a different species. It is cold hardy to below 10 F but will suffer severe damage in a wet freeze below 15 F. It is not a prolific pupper and only grows to 4 ft. height by 3 ft. wide. It prefers full sun and meager supplemental water.
Cacti & Succ3 gal$100Agave sp. 'Miquihuana Silver'AsparagaceaeJohn Fairey collected this stunning large agave in Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1991. It has survived 13 F without blemish. It has remained beautiful in full sun with no supplemental water. Its vase-like form and blue gray hues have amazed many garden visitors.
Cacti & Succ4 inch$25Agave sp. 'Ruth Bancroft'AsparagaceaeThis Agave potatorum hybridized at the Ruth Bancroft Garden, has distinctive red spines and teeth on new leaves like potatorum but is decidedly cold hardier to about 18 F. These plants offered are grown from open pollinated seed, and it just so happens that Agave ovatifolia was blooming at the same time which may increase its cold hardiness.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Agave weberiAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Agave x 'Scabra-like'Asparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$25Beaucarnea aff. gracilisAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Dasylirion wheelerisotolAsparagaceaeDasylirion are long lived xeric shrubs whose long strappy (toothed) leaves lend a grassy feel to the dry garden. These plants offered were grown from seed collected in the garden.
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Echeveria difractensshatter plantCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Echeveria runyoniiCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Echeveria x 'Cubic Frost'Crassulaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Hesperaloe campanulataAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe beharensisCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe daigremontianaCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe delagoensisCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe marnierianaCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe rhombopilosaCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Kalanchoe tetraphyllapaddle plantCrassulaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$10Ledebouria crispaAsparagaceaeGrown from seed sent to us by John Bleck, Ledebouria crispa is a very uncommon plant from South Africa, growing in only a few locations. These small plants with undulating leaves form a dense colony. Better grown in some shade in well-drained soil.
Cacti & Succ4 inch$10Ledebouria floribundaAsparagaceaeIn the past we have offered this plant grown from garden seed. These plants, though, come from Wade Roitsch. Ledebouria floribunda prefers a partly shady spot with rich well-drained soil and summer water. Because it should be kept dry in winter, it is best grown in a clay pot.
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Nolina texanaAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Opuntia ellisianaCactaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$15Puya sp.Bromeliaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Sinningia tubifloraGesneriaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$25Yucca desmettianasoft leaf yuccaAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Yucca necopinaAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$10Yucca x schottiiAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ1 gal$20Yucca torreyaAsparagaceae
Cacti & Succ4 inch$5Yucca torreyaAsparagaceae
Ferns & Allies4 inch$20Adiantum sp.PteridaceaeNova
Ferns & Allies4 inch$20Lepisorus sp.Polypodiaceaetiny tiny leaves
Ferns & Allies4 inch$5Marsilea macropodabigfoot water cloverMarsileaceae
Ferns & Allies4 inch$5Marsilea strigosaMarsileaceae
Ferns & Allies1 gal$20Microsorum fortuneiPolypodiaceae
Ferns & Allies1 gal$15Phlebodium pseudoaureumPolypodiaceae
Ferns & Allies1 gal$10Pteris vittataPteridaceae
Ferns & Allies4 inch$10Pyrrosia hastataPolypodiaceaetrilobed
Ferns & Allies1 gal$10Selaginella biformisSelaginellaceae
Ferns & Allies2 gal$15Woodwardia orientalisOriental Chain FernBlechnaceae
Rare Collector1 gal$30Amorphophallus konjacAraceae
Rare Collector1 gal$10Ardisia japonicaPrimulaceaeVariegated
Rare Collector4 inch$15Ardisia japonica 'Angyo Pixie'Primulaceae
Rare Collector4 inch$10Begonia x 'Phoe's Cleo'Begoniaceae
Rare Collector4 inch$10Begonia x 'Yosemite'Begoniaceae
Rare Collector1 gal$20Peliosanthes sp. 'Thai Dwarf'Asparagaceae
Rare Collector4 inch$15Trillium gracileMelanthiaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$10Aechmea gamosepalaBromeliaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Ajuga reptansbugle weedLamiaceaepurple flower and leaf
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Ajuga reptans 'Texas Tough'bugle weedLamiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Alocasia cucullataAraceaetrunk cold hardy
Shade Perenn1 gal$30Arisaema ringensAraceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Asarum splendenswild gingerAristolochiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Aspidistra elatiorAsparagaceaeSpotted
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Aspidistra oblanceifolia 'Nagoya Stars'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Rawhide'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Aspidistra typica 'Old Glory'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$15Begonia heracleifoliaBegoniaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Billbergia nutansqueen's tearsBromeliaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Costus pictusPainted Spiral GingerCostaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Curcuma elataHidden GingerZingiberaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Cyanotis sp.CommelinaceaeThis water-loving relative of Tradescantia was collected in Taiwan. In moist soil with good drainage it will quickly form a dense mat. Protect from frost.
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Cymbidium sinenseterrestrial orchidOrchidaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$10Dentaria diphylla 'American Sweetheart'crinkleroot toothwortBrassicaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Dichorisandra thyrsifloraBlue GingerCommelinaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Drimiopsis maculataAfrican false hostaAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Eomecon chionanthasnow poppyPapaveraceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$2Eomecon chionanthasnow poppyPapaveraceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Erigeron flagellarisCompositae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Eucrosia bicolorAmaryllidaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Farfugium japonicum var. giganteumligulariaCompositae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Farfugium japonicum 'Cristata'ligulariaCompositae
Shade Perenn4 inch$15Farfugium japonicumligulariaCompositaeSmall leaf
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Kaempferia pulchraZingiberaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Kaempferia pulchra 'Satin Checks'Zingiberaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Kaempferia rotundaZingiberaceaeblooms in May
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Leersia monandraPoaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$5Leersia monandraPoaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Mahonia fortuneiBerberidaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Mahonia lomariifoliaBerberidaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$20Ophiopogon jaburangiant mondo grassAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'AsparagaceaeDwarf
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Packera obovataCompositae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Pinellia pedatisectaAraceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Pinellia tripartitagreen dragonAraceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Polygonatum biflorumSolomon's sealAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$30Polygonatum odoratum 'Jinguji'AsparagaceaePluriflorum
Shade Perenn1 gal$35Polygonatum odoratum 'Chollipo'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$35Polygonatum odoratum 'Spiral Staircase'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$35Polygonatum odoratum 'Dai Koga'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$35Polygonatum odoratum 'Chinbu'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$25Polygonatum odoratum 'Byakkol'Asparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Rohdea japonicaJapanese sacred lilyAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$25Rohdea japonica 'Go Dai Shu'Japanese sacred lilyAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Rubus moluccanusMollucca RaspberryRosaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Ruscus hypoglossumbutcher's broomAsparagaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival'Lamiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Salvia microphylla 'La Trinidad Pink'Lamiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Salvia microphylla 'San Carlos Festival'Lamiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Saururus chinensisLizard's TailSaururaceaeAquatic
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Scadoxus puniceusAmaryllidaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$10Scutellaria indica var. parvifoliaLamiaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Scutellaria integrifoliaLamiaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Scutellaria ovataheartleaf skullcapLamiaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Tetramerium sp.Acanthaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Thalictrum dasycarpummeadow rueRanunculaceae
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Tinantia pringleiMexican speckled wandering JewCommelinaceaeVery purple
Shade Perenn4 inch$5Tinantia pringleiMexican speckled wandering JewCommelinaceaeGreener one
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilt Edge'toad lilyLiliaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$15Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilty Pleasure'toad lilyLiliaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Tricyrtis sp. 'Togen'toad lilyLiliaceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Xanthosoma atrovirens 'Variegatum Monstrosum'Mickey Mouse taroAraceae
Shade Perenn1 gal$10Xanthosoma brasilienseAraceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Acalypha monostachyaround copperleafEuphorbiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Aechmea recurvataurn plantBromeliaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Alpinia nutansDwarf CardamomZingiberaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Alpinia zerumbetShell GingerZingiberaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Alyogyne huegeliiBlue HibiscusMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Amorpha fruticosa 'Dark Lance'Leguminosae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Angelica pachycarpaApiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$0Anisacanthus puberulusAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Anisacanthus puberulusAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$25Anisacanthus sp.AcanthaceaePumpkin colored flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Aristea eckloniiblue starsIridaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$10Artemisia sp.Compositae
Sun Perenn4 inch$25Asclepias elataApocynaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Boltonia diffusaSmallhead Doll's DaisyCompositae
Sun Perenn4 inch$30Brahea mooreiArecaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Canna x 'Bengal Tiger'Cannaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Chromolaena odorataShrubby Must FlowerCompositae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Clerodendrum paniculatumPagoda FlowerLamiaceaeYellow flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Crinum oliganthum 'West Indies Mini'Amaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$5Dalea greggiiGregg's daleaLeguminosae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Dalea sp.LeguminosaeConical White flower green seed head
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Dicliptera sericeaAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Dyschoriste sp.snake herbAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Echeandia texensisAsparagaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Echinodorus cordifoliusCreeping BurheadAlismataceaeThis native Texas pond plant can't be overwatered because it lives in water. By producing an inflorescence with small bulbil-like plantlets it is able to "creep" across the water. Flowers and leaves are very nice.
Sun Perenn1 gal$5Engelmannia peristeniaEngelmann's daisyCompositae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Eryngium eburneumApiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Eryngium eburneumApiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$15Eryngium prostratumApiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Eryngium sp.Apiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Excoecaria cochinchinensisEuphorbiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Gloxinia sp.Gesneriaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Gloxinia sp.Gesneriaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$10Habranthus robustusRain LilyAmaryllidaceaeRain lily
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Habranthus tubispathusRain LilyAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Hedychium coccineum 'Disney'Zingiberaceaepale orange flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Hedychium coccineum 'C. P. Raffil'Zingiberaceaehybrid - red-orange flowers
Sun Perenn1 gal$20Hibiscus calyphyllusMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Hibiscus dasycalyxMalvaceaeWhite with deep red
Sun Perenn1 gal$20Hibiscus laevis 'Boyce's Choice'Malvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$20Hibiscus sinosyriacusMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Hymenocallis maximilianiAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Hymenocallis occidentalis var. eulaeAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Indigofera kirilowiiindigoLeguminosae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Justicia californicaAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Justicia spicigeraAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Kosteletzkya virginica 'Cassandra Loos'Malvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Lepechinia hastataMexican pitcher sageLamiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Lilium formosanum var. priceiLiliaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Lobelia aguanaCampanulaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Melochia tomentosatea woodMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Monarda fistulosaBee BalmLamiaceaeDark purple
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Monarda fistulosaBee BalmLamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$5Moraea collinaIridaceaeorange flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Muehlenbeckia platycladosTapeworm PlantPolygonaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Nierembergia gracilisSolanaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$20Oxalis lividaOxalidaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Pavonia bahamensisMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Pavonia bahamensisMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Pavonia lasiopetalaMalvaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Pavonia missionumMalvaceaered-orange flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Pavonia sp.MalvaceaeYellow flower
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Penstemon digitalisPlantaginaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Penstemon laevigatusPlantaginaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Penstemon tenuisgulf coast penstemonPlantaginaceae
Sun Perenn3 gal$50Pieris phillyreifoliaEricaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Poliomintha longifloraMexican OreganoLamiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Poliomintha longifloraMexican OreganoLamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Rhynchospora colorataCyperaceaeWhite-topped sedge
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Rudbeckia maximagiant coneflowerCompositae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Ruellia eleganselegant ruelliaAcanthaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Russelia sp.PlantaginaceaePink and white flowers
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Salvia fruticosaLamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Salvia greggii 'Cherry Chief'Lamiaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Salvia lyrata 'Juniper Springs'Lamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Scadoxus multiflorusAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Scutellaria mulleriLamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Sinningia selloviiGesneriaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Tagetes lemmoniicopper canyon daisyCompositaeBrown glands, more cold hardy, smaller form
Sun Perenn1 gal$15Tecoma sp.BignoniaceaeLarge leaf
Sun Perenn1 gal$25Tecoma stans var. angustataBignoniaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Teucrium cubenseLamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Tradescantia ohiensisOhio spider wortCommelinaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$15Vernonia baldwiniiCompositae
Sun Perenn4 inch$10Vernonia marginataCompositae
Sun Perenn1 gal$20Vigethia mexicanaCompositae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Zamia floridanacoontieZamiaceae
Sun Perenn1 gal$10Zephyranthes drummondiirain lilyAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Zephyranthes drummondiirain lilyAmaryllidaceaemixed
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Zephyranthes lindleyanarain lilyAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Zephyranthes nymphaearain lilyAmaryllidaceae
Sun Perenn4 inch$5Zephyranthes x 'La Bufa Rosa'rain lilyAmaryllidaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Acacia berlandieriBerlandier's acaciaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Acacia berlandieriBerlandier's acaciaLeguminosaeSmall tree to about 8 feet, extremely drought tolerant. Cream colored spherical flowers in spring. Ornamental bean pods. Bees love it. Texas native.
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Acacia pinetorumLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Acacia wrightiiLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Acer buergerianum var. formosanumTrident MapleSapindaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$50Acer buergerianum var. formosanumTrident MapleSapindaceaeA drought tolerant native of Taiwan. Grows to about 50 ft. Yellow and orange fall color. Exfoliating bark.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Acer coriaceifoliumSapindaceaeLobed
Trees & Shr3 gal$35Acer coriaceifoliumSapindaceaeAn evergreen maple with dark bark, about 40 ft. at maturity. Grow in part to full sun. Provide medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Acer oliverianum subsp. formosanumSapindaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$40Acer oliverianum subsp. formosanumSapindaceaeVisitors have always admired this maple tree in the Hallway because it has the form of a Japanese maple, yet it's much larger. The trunk and branches are green. New growth and fall colors are bright red. Although its Taiwan climate is cooler and moist, it can handle Texas heat if grown in part sun, in rich soil and mulch and watered regularly.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Adina sp.RubiaceaeSmall leaf
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Aesculus paviared buckeyeSapindaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Aesculus pavia var. flavescensHill country yellow buckeyeSapindaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Aesculus paviared buckeyeSapindaceaeTypical native Texas buckeye having beautiful red flowers in spring and large seed pods in fall. Reaches a height of 7-14 ft.
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Aesculus pavia var. flavescensHill country yellow buckeyeSapindaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Aesculus paviared buckeyeSapindaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$40Afrocarpus falcatusAfrican Fern PinePodocarpaceaeOften grown as a hedge. Produces fleshy yellow fruit (actually cones). Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Aloysia gratissimaVerbenaceaeExtremely aromatic native Texas relative of Almond Verbena. Grows to a height of about 8 x 5 ft. Very drought tolerant. Full sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Amyris madrensismountain torchwoodRutaceaeSmall Texas native tree to about 15 ft. Full or part sun. Small black fruit in fall. Low water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Amyris texanaTorchwoodRutaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia bartlettiiLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia bartlettii x ramosissimaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Bauhinia bartlettii x ramosissimaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Bauhinia galpiniiLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia lunarioidesanacacho treeLeguminosaeSmall tree to about 7 ft. native to canyons of west Texas. White delicate orchid-like flowers. Bilobed leaves. Low to medium water.
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Bauhinia lunarioidesanacacho treeLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Bauhinia macrantheraLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Bauhinia macrantheraLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia mexicanaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia natalensisLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Bauhinia ramosissimaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Bauhinia ramosissimaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Buddleja sessilifloraRio Grande butterfly-bushScrophulariaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Buddleja x 'Orange Scepter'Scrophulariaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Butia odoratapindo palmArecaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Butia odoratapindo palmArecaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Callicarpa acuminataLamiaceaeThis Mexican native was collected by John Fairey. It has jet black berries and large leaves. Matures to about 20 x 10 ft. Drought tolerant. Wildlife food.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa americana 'Alba'American Beauty BerryLamiaceaeTypical beautyberry except it produces gorgeous white berries that catch the eye from afar as if they were flowers.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa americana 'Berries 'n Cream'American Beauty BerryLamiaceaeTypical beautyberry by the leaves are variegated. green and white.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Callicarpa americanaAmerican Beauty BerryLamiaceaeWhite flower, pale pink berry
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Callicarpa japonica 'Luxurians'Lamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa kwangtungensisLamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Callicarpa longissimaLamiaceaewhite berries
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Callicarpa pilosissimaLamiaceaeThis is probably the most stunning beautyberry we've seen. Large leaves with smooth margins and an abundance of fuzz on new growth.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa rubellaLamiaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$20Callicarpa rubellaLamiaceaeThe berries are an amethyst color and the leaves are narrow and a bit fuzzy. The Taiwan native has a droopy look, almost weeping. Overall a top beautyberry. Medium water, and, as all beautyberries, shade is best.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa shikokianaLamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Callicarpa sp.Lamiaceaeall cascading with wine colored berries
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Callicarpa sp.LamiaceaeLooks like c. Japonica luxurians
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Callicarpa sp.LamiaceaeTight amethyst clusters
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Callicarpa sp.Lamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Callicarpa sp. 'Pink Sugarloaf'Lamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Callistemon sp.Myrtaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$60Calocedrus macrolepisCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Carya sp.JuglandaceaeA few are communal pots
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Carya sp.Juglandaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$15Casimiroa pringleisapoteRutaceaeThis Mexico native fruit tree is related to white sapote but is cold hardy in 8b. The fruit is a golden orange color and is very good when picked at the right time. Part shade. Medium water. To about 14 ft.
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Celtis lindheimeriCannabaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Celtis yunnanensisCannabaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Cephalotaxus fortuneiTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Cephalotaxus harringtonii 'Fastigiata'Asian plum yewTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Cephalotaxus lanceolataTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Cephalotaxus xTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Cercis chinensis 'Kay's Early Hope'LeguminosaeLavender flowers in early spring adorn this multi-trunked 12 ft. tree from China. Beautifil heart-shaped leaves. Drought tolerant. Full sun to part sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Cestrum aurantiacumSolanaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Chamaedorea radicalisDwarf Feather PalmArecaceaeCollected in Mexico. Small 4 ft. palms that grow in shade! Bright red/orange fruit. Cold hardy in 8b. Great for mass planting.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba'BignoniaceaeThis legendary Texas native cultivar is totally xeric and produces an incredible purple show in summer. A small fast growing tree to about 25 ft. but can be pruned to be even smaller. No garden should be without it.
Trees & Shr3 gal$10Chimonanthus nitensCalycanthaceaeMuch much better than ligustrum! Dense green foliage and transparent aromatic flowers in winter! Part sun to part shade. Nice screen shrub to about 9 ft. Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Chrysophyllum oliviformeSapotaceaeSanibel form. Not cold hardy.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Clethra pringleiClethraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Clethra pringlei 'White Water'ClethraceaeThis mammoth clethra to about 20 ft. was collected in Mexico. Cold hardy in 8b. Elegant foliage. Very showy flowers. Medium water. Part sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Clethra pringleiClethraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Condalia hookeriRhamnaceaeIncredible Hill Country native shrub! Part sun to part shade. Lime green foliage and light bark. Dark edible berries in fall. Thorns.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Coursetia sp.LeguminosaePink flower
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Coursetia sp.LeguminosaeUsually coursetia blooms white but leave it to Lynn Lowrey to find the pink one! Full sun. Growth to about 7 ft. Very low water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Cryptomeria japonica 'Tansu'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Cryptomeria japonicaCupressaceaeDwarf
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Cryptomeria japonica 'Albospica'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Cryptomeria japonicaCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$75Cunninghamia konishiiCupressaceaeBlue
Trees & Shr1 gal$100Cupressus cashmerianaCupressaceaeblue
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Cupressus lusitanicaCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Cupressus x ovensiiCupressaceaeA fast growing cypress that can be maintained as a dense hedge or allowed to grow to over 60 ft. Full sun.
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Cupressus x ovensiiCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Cycas panzhihuaensisCycadaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Cyrilla racemifloraTiti TreeCyrillaceaeNative to east Texas, this 14 ft. shrub can be found in Big Thicket National Preserve near and in waterways. Lovely white racemes on specimens in full sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Dalea luteaLeguminosae
Trees & Shr3 gal$60Daphniphyllum calycinumDaphniphyllaceaeLarge paddle-shaped shiny leaves give this distinctive cold hardy shrub a shaggy tropical look. Old growth is green to glaucous, in contrast with chartreuse new growth, especially striking in summer. During spring, within the dense crown may be found numerous small white flowers on inflorescences eventually forming oval bluish drupes on female plants. Best grown beneath a deciduous tree with good drainage, this evergreen prefers summer shade and winter sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Diospyros rhombifoliaEbenaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Diospyros rhombifoliaEbenaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Distylium racemosumisu treeHamamelidaceaeSmall Asian tree to about 12 ft. has a nice reaching form and beautiful small red flowers on stem axials. Somewhat drought tolerant once established. Mostly shade.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Duranta sp.VerbenaceaeEvergreen
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ehretia anacuasandpaper leafBoraginaceaeTexas native tree to about 40 ft. with a large trunk. Large sand papery leaves are the big attraction along with an abundance of white flowers in early spring that attract pollinators. Drought tolerant.
Trees & Shr2 gal$15Ehretia dicksoniiBoraginaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Erythrina bidwilliiLeguminosae
Trees & Shr3 gal$75Erythrina vespertilioLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Euonymus myrianthusCelastraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Euonymus nitidusCelastraceaeThis very interesting Asian tree produces bright yellow fruit that open on fall revealing bright red seeds. Quite a show! Reaches about 15 ft. Medium water. Part sun.
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Euonymus nitidusCelastraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Eupatorium sp. 'Hagoromo'Compositae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Eurya japonicaPentaphylacaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Eurya sp.Pentaphylacaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Ficus benghalensis 'Krishnae'Moraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ficus carica 'Celeste'Moraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Ficus formosanaMoraceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Ficus heterophylla 'Nora Barnacle'MoraceaeDark green oblong leaves, red petioles
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Ficus montanaMoraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ficus natalensisMoraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ficus religiosaBo TreeMoraceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$50Ficus sp.MoraceaeTree
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Ficus tannoensisMoraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Forestiera angustifolia 'Pendula'swamp privetOleaceaeSwamp privet is not anything like the introduced invasive privet -- not even in the same family! This Texas native shrub lives near boggy areas but can survive droughts just fine. The contorted pendulous branching has earned it the name Elbow Bush. Indeed, it looks like a large tumbleweed during winter after it has shed its leaves.
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Fraxinus greggiiOleaceaeThis little patio tree from Mexico reaches only about 8 ft. Lacy leaves. Drought tolerant.
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Fraxinus greggiiOleaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$35Fraxinus profundaPumpkin AshOleaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$75Gordonia balansaeTheaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Grevillea victoriaeProteaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Havardia pallensLeguminosaeBright shiny white spherical fuzzy flowers in summer! Small tree to about 12 ft. Thorns like acacia. Very drought tolerant. Full sun.
Trees & Shr2 gal$10Heimia salicifoliasinicuichiLythraceaeA shrub to about 8 ft. native to far south Texas. Lots of small yellow flowers beginning in summer to fall. Herbaceous in 8b. Medium to low water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Hibiscus hamaboMalvaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Hovenia dulcisRhamnaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Hypericum sp.HypericaceaeVariegation lost
Trees & Shr1 gal$0Ilex cassineDahoon HollyAquifoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Ilex cornuta x latifolia 'Mary Nell'Aquifoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Ilex rubra x opacaAquifoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ilex vomitoria 'Saratoga Gold'YauponAquifoliaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$25Ilex vomitoria 'Saratoga Gold'YauponAquifoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Illicium anisatum 'Murasaki-no-sato'Schisandraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$50Illicium floridanumSchisandraceaeLarge leaves
Trees & Shr2 gal$30Illicium parviflorum 'Forest Green'Schisandraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Juglans major var. gabreleJuglandaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Juniperus deppeanaAlligator JuniperCupressaceaeNative to Big Bend area. Rough bark. Blue cast to leaves. Sun. Low water. Slow growth. To 30-40 ft.
Trees & Shr1 gal$75Juniperus jaliscanaCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Juniperus rigida var. conferta 'All Gold'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Juniperus rigida var. conferta 'Silver Mist'Cupressaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Keteleeria davidianaPinaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Keteleeria davidianaPinaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Keteleeria davidianaPinaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Keteleeria davidianaPinaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Lagerstroemia caudataLythraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Lagerstroemia excelsaLythraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Lagerstroemia subcostataLythraceae
Trees & Shr5 gal$20Lagerstroemia subcostataLythraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Leucophyllum sp.Scrophulariaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$15Lindera angustifoliaLauraceaeNative to China. An understory tree to about 8 ft. Produces dark berries in fall. Beautiful copper foliage in winter and early spring. Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Liquidambar formosanaAltingiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Liquidambar formosanaAltingiaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$45Liquidambar formosanaAltingiaceaeNative to Taiwan. Height of 40 ft. Beautiful red fall foliage. Full sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Liquidambar styracifluaAltingiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Litsea japonicaLauraceaeLarge shrub native to Japan. To about 10 x 12 ft. Large glaucous rhododendron-like leaves, Understory. Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Lycium barbarumSolanaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Lycium sp.Solanaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Machilus thunbergiiLauraceaeA large shrub native to Japan to about 30 x 20 ft. Sun to part sun. Medium water. Dark purple berries with red petioles in fall.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Magnolia cocoMagnoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$35Magnolia macrophylla var. asheiMagnoliaceaeA very rare threatened Florida panhandle native to about 12 ft. Aromatic flowers. Understory.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Magnolia tamaulipanaMagnoliaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Magnolia xMagnoliaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Mahonia chochocoBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Mahonia chochocoBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Mahonia gracilisBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Mahonia gracilisBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Mahonia lanceolataBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Mahonia pallidaBerberidaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Mahonia sp.Berberidaceae
Trees & Shr5 gal$70Mallotus japonicusEuphorbiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Malpighia glabraMalpighiaceaeSmall compact form of this native Texas shrub to about 5 ft. Very drought tolerant. Pink and yellow flowers, red berries. Sun to part.
Trees & Shr1 gal$45Malus doumeri var. formosanaRosaceaeNative Taiwan crabapple.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Maytenus phyllanthoidesCelastraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Moringa oleiferaDrumstick TreeMoringaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Morus alba 'Cedar Key Mulberry'MoraceaeNative to China that has naturalized to Cedar Key, Florida. Has very large leaves to about 4 inches wide. Large fruit. Sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Murraya koenigiiTrue CurryRutaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Murraya koenigiiTrue CurryRutaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$25Myrcianthes fragransSimpson's stopperMyrtaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Myrospermum sousanumarroyo sweetwoodLeguminosaeNative to northeastern Mexico where it was collected by Lynn Lowrey in 1983. A legume that reaches 40 ft. Flowers smell like cinnamon. Wood smells very sweet.
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Nageia nagiPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Nashia inaguensismoujean teaVerbenaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Nectandra salicifoliaLauraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Philadelphus acuminatusHydrangeaceaeAromatic flower
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Philadelphus sp.Mexican mock orangeHydrangeaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Phoebe chekiangensisLauraceaeProbably the best Asian laurel you can find. Strictly evergreen. Bronze new growth. Dense foliage. Very columnar form. Beautiful gray bark. Full sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Phoebe sheareriLauraceae
Trees & Shr5 gal$40Pittosporum subulisepalumPittosporaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$35Platanus mexicanaPlatanaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Platanus occidentalis var. palmeriPlatanaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$35Platanus rzedowskiiPlatanaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Podocarpus costalisPodocarpaceaeTropical
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Podocarpus ensiculusPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$50Podocarpus forrestiiPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$50Podocarpus latifoliusPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$50Podocarpus macrophyllusPodocarpaceaeA typical podocarpus except the new growth is a beautiful bronze color.
Trees & Shr1 gal$50Podocarpus matudaePodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$50Podocarpus nakaiiPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Podocarpus parlatoreiPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Podocarpus sp.Podocarpaceaecolor emergent
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Podocarpus sp.Podocarpaceaevery columnar
Trees & Shr2 gal$30Podocarpus sp.PodocarpaceaeVery columnar
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Podocarpus totara subsp. waihoensisPodocarpaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$30Populus deltoides 'Purple Tower'SalicaceaeProbably the most incredible cotton wood you'll ever see. Very fast growing to about 50 ft. Has large purple leaves. Sun. Water. Prune yearly to maintain dense form.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Populus fremontii subsp. mesetaeSalicaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$20Populus heterophyllaSalicaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Prunus carolinianaCherry LaurelRosaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Pseudobombax ellipticumshaving brush treeMalvaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Pseudolarix amabilisPinaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus acerifoliaFagaceaeVery rare oak from western Arkansas to about 50 ft. Great red fall color. Drought tolerant. Sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus acerifoliaFagaceaeXeric
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Quercus acutissimasawtooth oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$40Quercus albaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus arkansanaFagaceaeThis very rare large round leaved oak is native to well-drained sandy riparian areas of Arkansas and northern Louisiana. Sun to part shade. Low water.
Trees & Shr2 gal$25Quercus arkansanaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus x bebbiana 'Taco'Fagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Quercus x bebbianaFagaceaeThe lovely leaves of Quercus alba and the large acorns of Quercus macrocarpa. Full sun. Low water. A large tree.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus buckleyiTexas red oakFagaceaeNative to alkaline soil of central Texas, this medium sized red oak with distinctively lobed leaf is very drought tolerant. Full sun.
Trees & Shr2 gal$15Quercus buckleyiTexas red oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus canbyiFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$50Quercus corrugataFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Quercus dentataFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus ellipsoidalisFagaceaePreferring more acidic sandy lowland soil, this medium sized oak can handle drought and city conditions. Sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr4 inch$40Quercus emoryi x robustaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus falcataFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus galeanensisFagaceaeThese were grown from open pollinated trees that attain no more than 14 ft. in height. The original plants were collected in Mexico as acorn and have a tight crown in full sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr3 gal$60Quercus galeanensisFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Quercus galeanensisFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus georgianaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus germanaMexican Royal OakFagaceaeAmazing pink spring new growth followed by repeated flushes into fall, and very large acorns, make this smaller Mexican tree a spectacle throughout the year. More suited to warmer zones, such as 9a. Though it can handle free into the low teens, late leaf growth will be damaged by an early freeze.
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Quercus germanaMexican Royal OakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$40Quercus gilvaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus glaucaJapanese blue oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$60Quercus glaucaJapanese blue oakFagaceaeA strictly evergreen tree to about 50 ft., often multi-trunked, with grey streaked bark. Underneath side of leaves is bluish. Extremely drought-tolerant. Sun to part shade. Slow growing.
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus glaucaJapanese blue oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Quercus glaucaJapanese blue oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$25Quercus gracilliformis x gravesiiFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$25Quercus gravesiiFagaceaexalapensis like
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Quercus griffithiiFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus havardiiFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus x hawkinsiaeFagaceaerubra x velutina
Trees & Shr4 inch$30Quercus hypoleucoidesFagaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$200Quercus insignisFagaceaeWine-colored new growth and massive (largest) acorns are the fatal attraction to this very rare oak from Central America. Plant in location protected from wind and freeze. Part shade. Medium water.
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus kelloggiiFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus laetaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus laetaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$25Quercus laurifolia x imbricariaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$25Quercus longinuxFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus macrocarpaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus marilandicablack jack oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus marilandicablack jack oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus mexicanaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$20Quercus mexicanaFagaceaeBig leaf
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus muehlenbergiiChinquapin OakFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Quercus pagodaCherry BarkFagaceaeGrows best in moist bottom lands. Very large oak. Full sun. Yellow-brown fall color.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Quercus polymorphaMonterrey oakFagaceaeOnce thought to be endemic to Mexico, this medium sized oak was discovered growing in far south Texas. It is drought tolerant and prefers alkaline soil. Full sun. Highly variable habit and leaf.
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus polymorphaMonterrey oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus porphyrogenitaFagaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$20Quercus porphyrogenitaFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus porphyrogenitaFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus pringleiFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus aff. pringleiFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Quercus robur 'Palace'FagaceaeA large long-lived red oak from Europe. Prefers most well-drained soil and full sun.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus rysophyllaloquat oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Quercus rysophyllaloquat oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$35Quercus rysophyllaloquat oakFagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus sartoriiFagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Quercus schottkyanaFagaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$100Quercus schottkyanaFagaceaeA small oak from southern China resembling Quercus glauca. Rare in cultivation. Sun. Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'Fagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Quercus sp.Fagaceae
Trees & Shr3 gal$80Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'FagaceaeCollected on multiple expeditions to the San Carlos Mountains in Mexico, this medium sized oak has small striped acorns in fall and peachy pink new growth in spring. A favorite of sapsuckers. Sun. Low water.
Trees & Shr3 gal$40Quercus sp.FagaceaeMay be galeanensis
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'Fagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'Fagaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Quercus sp. 'San Carlos'Fagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Quercus stellataFagaceaeMedium-sized oak. Leaves have large lobes. Very versatile, thriving in dry gravelly soil and wet bottomlands.
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Quercus stenophylloidesFagaceae
Trees & Shr2 gal$25Quercus texanaFagaceaeNutall's oak is a medium to large oak. Part sun. Medium water. Native to a limited area of far east Texas.
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Quercus x 'Streetspire'FagaceaeA very fastigiate oak to about 50 ft, yet only about 15 ft wide. Limbs are very vertical. Leaves are very round and lobed. Red fall color.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Randia laetevirensRubiaceaewhite berry; very cold hardy
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Roldana aschenbornianaCompositae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Rondeletia aff. odorataRubiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$5Ruscus aculeatusbutcher's broomAsparagaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Sabal x brazoriensisBrazoria palmArecaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Sabal minorArecaceaeLarge
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Sabal minorArecaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$5Sabal minorArecaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Sabal palmettoArecaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Sabal tamaulipasArecaceaeConsidered to be a different form of Sabal minor, Dwarf Palmetto, except it has extremely large leaves. Part sun to bright shade. Low to medium water. Collected in Mexico.
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Salix floridanaSalicaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Salix gooddingiiSalicaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Sarcococca sp.Buxaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Schaefferia frutescensCelastraceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Sebastiania sp.Compositae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Serenoa repensArecaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$10Serissa sp.Rubiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Sinojackia rehderianaStyracaceaeSmall tree from China. Medium water. Hundreds of bell-like white flowers in spring before leaves emerge.
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Styphnolobium affineLeguminosae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Styrax americanusStyracaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Styrax japonicusStyracaceaeTree to about 15 ft. Medium water. Deciduous. Hundreds of bell-like white flowers in spring.
Trees & Shr1 gal$40Taxus floridanaTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Teucrium fruticansLamiaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Thujopsis dolabratahibaCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$15Tilia carolinianaBasswoodMalvaceaeBasswood prefers moist well-drained soil. Sun. To about 60 ft. Beautiful cream-yellow flowers in late spring.
Trees & Shr3 gal$20Tilia carolinianaBasswoodMalvaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$15Torreya taxifoliaTaxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$25Ulmus alata 'Lace Parasol'Ulmaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Ungnadia speciosahorse chestnutSapindaceaeCentral Texas native. Very drought tolerant. Sun to bright shade. Purple axillary flowers similar to the redbud. Small tree.
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Viburnum japonicumJapanese ViburnumAdoxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$30Viburnum japonicumJapanese ViburnumAdoxaceaeLarge clusters of showy fragrant flowers amidst large green leaves. To about 8 ft. Part shade. Medium water.
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Viburnum propinquumAdoxaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$20Viburnum rufidulumAdoxaceaeRebloomer
Trees & Shr4 inch$30Widdringtonia nodifloraCupressaceae
Trees & Shr4 inch$30Widdringtonia wallichiiCupressaceae
Trees & Shr1 gal$10Wikstroemia indicaThymelaeaceae
Tropicals4 inch$5Gynura aurantiacaCompositaePurple Velvet Plant
Tropicals1 gal$10Philodendron recurvifoliumAraceae
Vines1 gal$20Agdestis clematideaCabbage VinePhytolaccaceae
Vines1 gal$10Aristolochia fimbriatabutterfly vineAristolochiaceae
Vines1 gal$15Aristolochia wrightiiAristolochiaceae
Vines1 gal$10Bignonia capreolataBignoniaceaeWild collected
Vines1 gal$10Camptosema praeandinumLeguminosaeA very loose unaggressive vine from Argentina. Red pea-like flowers. Part shade. Low water.
Vines4 inch$50Clematis carrizoensisRanunculaceae
Vines1 gal$10Clematis pitcheripurple leather flowerRanunculaceae
Vines4 inch$10Clematis pitcheripurple leather flowerRanunculaceae
Vines4 inch$20Clematis texensisRanunculaceaeThe native Texas clematis. The flower is probably the prettiest purest brightest red of any flower. Beautiful bell-shaped flower. Sun to part. Well-drained soil. Trellis. Deciduous. Not aggressive.
Vines4 inch$5Ficus pumilaMoraceae
Vines4 inch$10Ficus tikouaMoraceae
Vines1 gal$10Ficus vaccinioidesMoraceaeCold hardy
Vines1 gal$30Mucuna cyclocarpaPurple Jade VineLeguminosae
Vines1 gal$10Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight'HydrangeaceaeA dreamy woodland forest vine that resembles hydrangea in leaf and flower. Not aggressive but can scale a tree quite a distance. Shade. Medium water.
Vines4 inch$5Stemodia lanataPlantaginaceae
Vines1 gal$20Tylophora ovataApocynaceae